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Maldives Getting Ready to Host Partnership Forum 2019

The Government of Maldives is set to host the largest multilateral gathering of international development partners at the “Maldives Partnership Forum”, to be held from 17-18 June 2019 at Kurumba Resort. This year’s forum, last held in 2009, is themed “Investing in a Resilient and Sustainable Maldives” will showcase the Maldives’ democratic journey, highlight key development challenges and share with partners how the government plans to move ahead and leverage assistance where required.

The Maldives Partnership Forum will be inaugurated by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on 17 June 2019. The forum will bring together bilateral partner countries and international organisations, and other entities to deliberate on the Jazeera Raajje (Island Nation) concept and to discuss the Government’s development agenda. The Forum will enable President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih ‘s government in its ongoing efforts to foster greater engagement with the international community , establish partnerships with bilateral countries and international organisations to address the myriad of challenges facing the Maldives, and seek their support to both finance and assist in implementing economic, social and governance related projects.

The Forum will also provide a platform for key Government ministers and policy-makers to inform the international community of the the development agenda and the upcoming National Development Plan, and to pursue the objectives of the Government’s key pledges through greater collaboration and resource mobilisation.

For this year’s Forum, five panel discussions will take place focusing on the most important and pertinent areas for the Government to seek the support of the international community. They are;
1) Macroeconomic and fiscal overview, which will provide information on the present economic and fiscal situation in the country, including public expenditure management, 2) Blue Economy: addressing inclusivity and sustainability in economic development, 3) Enhancing Social Outcomes: investing in healthcare, education, but also focusing on culture, youth and gender issues, 4) Building Robust Institutions: addressing governance and justice, and 5) Partnering with the private sector for development – on how the private sector can play a part in the Government’s development agenda.

The vast majority of Maldives’ bilateral and multilateral agencies are scheduled to participate in the discussions and to provide support for the Maldives’ National Development Agenda. A number of projects from all ministries have already been formulated and shared with relevant partners with the aim of establishing long-term partnerships towards their eventual implementation. It is also expected that a number of agreements will be signed at the end of the Forum.

The Maldives Partnership Forum is co-hosted by both the Minister of Foreign Affairs, His Excellency Abdulla Shahid, and the Minister of Finance, His Excellency Ibrahim Ameer. It is a collaborative and inclusive effort undertaken by the Government as a whole, involving all the ministries and a number of agencies. The Maldives Partnership Forum is also one of the key pledges identified in the 100 Day-Pledges by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.