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Maldives – Sri Lanka Relations

Sri Lanka was among the first countries which Maldives established diplomatic relations. The Maldives established formal ties with Sri Lanka on the very first day the Maldives gained independence, on 26 July 1965. Prior to establishing diplomatic relations the Maldives and Sri Lanka had trade ties between the two countries. The historic ties between the two countries expanded over the years in the area of education, trade and investment, tourism and culture. The long standing relationship and the mutual trust and respect that exists between our two countries has made Sri Lanka a lifelong friend of the Maldives. The people to people contact between the two countries is helping the economies of both countries.

The Maldives established its first Representative Office in Colombo on 11 March 1906 as the Representative of the Maldive Islands.

Bilateral Cooperation

The Maldives – Sri Lanka Joint Commission was established in 1984 under the Agreement on Economic and Technical Co-operation between the two countries. Six sessions of the Commission have been held to date. The last Session of the Maldives – Sri Lanka Joint Commission was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka on 10 September 2014. The Joint Commission deliberated on several issues of importance to both countries, including economic cooperation, fisheries, tourism, education, health, youth and skills development, sports, employment, consular and community issues, legal and law enforcement, regional cooperation, culture and cooperation at international and multinational fora.

Military cooperation

Government of Sri Lanka assists in the capacity building of security personnel of the Maldives National Defence Force. In July 2012, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Ministry of Defence and National Security of the Maldives, and General Sir John Kotelawela Defence University of Sri Lanka to further enhance the military and defence cooperation between the two countries.